The Weekly Weird - 2016-11-26

Slightly delayed, I was in a tryptophan-induced dissociative fugue yesterday.

The Weekly Weird - 2016-11-18

"Arrival" is excellent. You should see it before you read even a single word about it.

The Weekly Weird - 2016-11-04

Today's factoid of the week: passwords beginning with /! (slash, bang) are bash-history safe and irc-safe-ish. The more you know!

The Weekly Weird - 2016-10-28

Apologies for last week, my toe tried to kill me.

The Weekly Weird - 2016-10-14

The Weekly Weird - 2016-10-07

The Weekly Weird - 2016-09-16

Administrivia: Expect no posts until at least 2016-10-07, I'll be on vacation.

The Weekly Weird - 2016-09-09

  • Quote of the day
<redacted> i just learned a really dirty hack.  
<redacted> exec &> >(tee -a x.log)   

<redacted> apparently that's in my codebase... god i'm a terrible tech lead  
<redacted> i thought my coworker was asking as a trivia question. 

The Weekly Weird - 2016-09-06