The Weekly Weird - 2015-06-19

The Weekly Weird - 2015-06-12

The Weekly Weird - 2015-06-05

The Weekly Weird - 2015-05-29

The Weekly Weird - 2015-05-22

The Weekly Weird - 2015-05-14

An early weird this week as I'm out tomorrow.

The Weekly Weird - 2015-05-08

This double edition brought to you by the letter goldenrod and the number Rhinovirus.

The Weekly Weird - 2015-04-17

I suck at email this week so not much here.

The Weekly Weird - 2015-04-10

An extra chunky weekly weird served up piping hot just for you Guvnor!

"Computer scientists often look at Web pages in the same way that my friend looked at farms. People think that Web browsers are elegant computation platforms, and Web pages are light, fluffy things that you can edit in Notepad as you trade ironic comments with your friends in the coffee shop. Nothing could be further from the truth. A modern Web page is a catastrophe. It’s like a scene from one of those apocalyptic medieval paintings that depicts what would happen if Galactus arrived: people are tumbling into fiery crevasses and lamenting various lamentable things and hanging from playground equipment that would not pass OSHA safety checks. This kind of stuff is exactly what you’ll see if you look at the HTML"

The Weekly Weird - 2015-04-01

An early April Fool's issue since I'm out the rest of the week. There will be no jokes in this email since early-april pranks haven't been funny since