The Weekly Weird - 2015-08-21

The Weekly Weird - 2015-08-14

Well this week's weird is extra long. This is what happens when I spend all week avoiding hanging the pot rack.

The Weekly Weird - 2015-08-07

Today's delayed weekly weird brought to you by the letters 'H' and 'angover'

The Weekly Weird - 2015-07-31

The Weekly Weird - 2015-07-24

The Weekly Weird - 2015-07-17

The Weekly Weird - 2015-07-10

What's all this then?

Wait, what?

Last August there was a great story about BGP hijacking a bitcoin mining pool. I though that was just the funniest thing ever so I decided to send it out to an internal mailing list at work along with a few other things that had accumulated in my browser tabs. I jokingly named it "The Weekly Weird" and promptly forgot about it. Six days later a coworker walked up and asked where the this week's weird was. Never one to dissapoint my adoring public, I continued writing these little snapshots of things that had happened that week and, now that I'm moving on, it's time to share with the wider world. Some of them have been edited to remove internal references and in-jokes and others now simply have no text right now. The format isn't what you'd call sexy owing to the fact that these were originaly emails and all emails should be plaintext.

I intend to continue putting these out roughly weekly on this blog. If there's sufficient demand I'll also rig some kind of mailing list.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of any current or former employer.

The Weekly Weird - 2015-07-02

The Weekly Weird - 2015-06-26

Oh boy do we have some weird for you this week.