What Is The Weekly Weird?


Weird links! Delivered weekly! Occasional cats!

The rest

One August there was a great story about BGP hijacking a bitcoin mining pool. I though that was just the funniest thing ever so I decided to send it out to an internal mailing list at work along with a few other things that had accumulated in my browser tabs. I jokingly named it "The Weekly Weird" and promptly forgot about it. Six days later a coworker walked up and asked where the this week's weird was. Never one to dissapoint my adoring public, I continued writing these little snapshots of things that had happened that week and eventually moved on to share them with the wider world.

The format has strayed a bit from the original plain-text urls with commentary to something a bit more Web 1.0 but that's about as far as it's likely to go. It tries to thread the needle between the Schylla of sedation and the Charybdis of clickbait (Charybdis of Clickbait is my Wierd Al cover band) and basically this sentence should tell you if you'll enjoy it or not.