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The Weekly Weird - 2017-03-24

  • How often do you see an HSM that fits in a USB socket?
  • If you were counting on the 5th amendment to prevent the man from compelling you to unlock your hard drives, I have (unanimous!) bad news for you. Some chatter online centers around the nuance that he didn't claim to have forgotten the password but was simply refusing to unlock. I have no idea if that's actually relevant or just a lot of internet japery.
  • From the surely-this-is-a-parody-domain department:, a 3d-printed cat feeder puzzle. Oh 2017, I'll get used to you just in time for the bombs to fall.
  • Look, even the US Government says don't use antiviruses that intercept SSL.
  • I'm naming my hedge fund Gravitas Up The Wazoo.
  • Dig Once is something that I've always said was too dumb an idea to not do.

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